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Government extends preschool funding for further 12 months

posted 6 Sep 2014, 07:51 by Tyson Clugg
The Abbott Government has extended the national partnership arrangements that were due to expire on 31 December 2014 for a further 12 months, giving parents and educators certainty over kinder funding for 2015.  The Assistant Minister for Education, Sussan Ley MP, is quoted as saying "This $406 million extension of national partnership arrangements gives us time to carefully consider future policies without unnecessarily impeding parents and preschools looking for certainty next year" on a media release on her website.

I commend Ms Ley and other members of her party for extending funding to cover next year.  However, I am deeply concerned by federal government manoeuvres towards dropping funding entirely and instead forcing the states to pick up the tab on preschool funding as suggested by the draft recommendations of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care and Early Learning.  I can only hope that Ms Ley is able to convince her fellow party members that educating our children is of the utmost importance in order to ensure our country remains prosperous and largely free of crime and neglect.

I will be looking closely at education policies in the lead up to the next federal and state elections, I trust that you will too!

Mr Tyson Clugg.